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Darby Joseph, Virtual IT Systems' MD, welcomes onboard his new Communications, Network and ISP Manager, Gabriel Mavai.

A quiet and humble Papua New Guinean is gradually making his professional mark, particularly within the growth of our nation's Information Communication Technology industry. But interestingly this man is from the mountainous region of Central province, whose youngsters are often criticized and blamed for petty crimes occurring in Port Moresby city.


Gabriel Mavai's story proves to us, that several of his Kunimaipa,Tawade and Fuyuge speaking people from the misty mountains of Goilala District like him, have contributed in their little ways towards our country's development in various fields either through the public service machinery, private sector companies or in the informal sector, despite the negative image portrayed by their unemployed youths.


Born, raised and educated in his remote homeland, Mavai best describes himself as a homegrown Goilala man who fought all odds and challenges along his path to get where he is today – an ICT professional – the first for his Goilala people.


From Omu and Tanipai villages of the Guari and Woitape Local Level Government areas, Mavai pioneered his class of 1987 from the remote Tapini High School, and the only Goilala of his time to get selected into Sogeri National High School in 1988. That move eventually led him to achieving his dreams in the ICT world, when he entered into the University of Technology in Lae, Morobe province in 1990.


Through sacrifice, sheer hard work and determination, Mavai attained his Diploma in Micro Computer Information Processing in 1992 and finally graduated with Bachelor of Commerce in Computing two years on - a feat unheard of among many young Goilalas even to this day, because most of them drop out of formal education system due to lack of education opportunities and financial support.


His recent decision to join Virtual IT Systems can be seen as a step forward for this vibrant company, that's growing upward in the ICT industry together with a team of dedicated consultants and staff.


Mavai brings onboard over 20 years of experience through his employment in the government and private sectors, and various training he undertook in the ICT field. His formal employment commenced a year after he graduated from UNITECH, serving Ok Tedi Mining Limited as PC Applications Support Officer for three years, before joining up with Pacific Industries in Rabaul for the position of Computer Support Officer. He started moving up the ranks to Systems Administrator when he got employed by National Judicial Staff Services in 1998 to 1999, where he was responsible for managing and maintaining all NJSS computer systems nationwide.


Mavai was also awarded a three-month contract with United Nations Development Program (UNDP), where he was involved in checking and ensuring all computer hardware were Y2K compliant. He designed and developed a MS Access Database for UNDP Security and Protection Section too during his tenure there, to register and report all security and related issues for its Country Management Team.


From 2000 to 2003 he worked with BSP from Senior Desktop Support Officer to Supervisor IT Section for the head office. In 2003 to 2007 Shell (PNG) Ltd engaged him as IT Systems Administrator, doing similar task for Trukai Industries when he joined them later from 2007 to 2008.


Mavai served as Group Information Systems Superintendent for Anitua Limited from 2008 to 2013 and later ended up with Ok Tedi Development Foundation for three-year contract, as Team Leader Information Technology and GIS (Geographical Information Systems).


Last year, he was engaged on a short-term contract with Tolukuma Gold Mines as head of its ICT Department, before coming onboard recently to manage the Communications, Network and ISP (Internet Service Provider) Division of Virtual IT Systems.


Managing Director and Principal ICT Consultant, Darby Joseph has highlighted that his engagement of specialized Papua New Guineans like Mavai are timely, to boost Virtual IT System's profile and at the same time promote professionalism in the conduct of the company, and its discharge of consultancy services both in ICT industry and the business sector as a whole.